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Check out my Coming Soon page for details of what I’m currently working on. My New Adult series Street and Lost, Book 1  – Night Train To Manchester is available now. Book 2 – Making It Happen is complete and will be available mid January. Book 3 – In Another World is in progress.
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New Releases

Street and Lost, a New Adult series from Alexandra Marell. 

heartjuneFINAL2Click on the cover to read a long excerpt

Making It Happen – Street and Lost Book 2 available to buy from 24rd January 2015

 With the band formed and a life together a real possibility, it’s time to find out the price. The past is catching up fast and Street and Lost discover that the best songs are written in blood and sometimes it’s the very thing you’re running from that can set you free.


Book 1, Night Train To Manchester is available now.

Click the cover to read a long excerpt…

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It’s all about freedom. Getting it, Keeping it and never letting anyone take it away from you. About finding a place of safety and defending it with everything you have.

Even if that means going places you never wanted to go.

He’s a fairground kid who knows how to use his fists. Destined for the fight cage, Street has other plans for his life. He’s getting out and starting a band. From now on, he’s making his own rules.

She’s a gangster’s daughter who knows how to use a gun. A pampered rich kid living a life of shame, Lost lives for the day she can break free of her gilded cage. Freedom doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re prepared to pay the price, you don’t let anyone take it from you.

They call him Street, he calls her Lost. They meet at an illegal bare-knuckle fight, sparks fly but life tears them apart. Then one dark night, it puts them back together, in another place, another time and suddenly dreams are within reach. No one’s ever going to own them again. But you can run, you can hide, yet somehow the past always knows where to find you…


Street and Lost. The story starts here…



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