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Contemporary Romance


The Island of Sorellina

Come to the island of Sorellina, where the magic will never let you go.


Cursed PrincessSiren Sweetly Singing


Lords of the Dark Fall

Two immortal lords from a distant world are made to take the Dark Fall, a rift that cycles through time and space. The series follows their new lives as humans in a strange time and place, and the women they meet who might just take the sting out of losing their immortality. In book one, former ruler and tyrant Fabian meets Tig, a poor potter trying to survive in a land ruled by gangs and warlords

 FabianFabianbaseFEB2015 3


The Moon Child Series

A love so alien it could only be achieved by magic. On a far distant world two natural enemies are taken as slaves and bonded by magic. The series follows their fortunes from the humiliation of the dirty slave cage to a life together in the new Settlements.

MCW_Final2015 LUPINE_Final2015 TianG_Final2015




Paranormal Romance

Vampires Loving Humans Series

Can I KeepCanILoveYouAgain_AlexandraMarall

The Wolves of Hadon Moor

December 1889. Werewolf Christopher Hadon rescues young women kidnapped to work the brothels of industrial Victorian Manchester. But when he meets Rowena Rothwell, he might just have found the first woman he doesn’t want to give back. Rowena knows she must return home, but she needs a little time to come to terms with her ordeal. When she begs Christopher to wait a few days before sending her home, at a time dangerously close to the full moon, her life will never be the same again.
Neither of them have known the joy of a real Christmas, but secluded from the world, at Christopher’s remote, moor-top home, that might be about to change… 55,000 words.



 The Interview Series



Standalone Romance






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