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Series – Prison Moon  – Genre Sci Fi Romance. Book 1 in a new world I’m writing with author Lily Graison  

Adult Rated

Complete and in edits, releasing January 2018. 

Working Blurb

Her name is Janie Roberts. Owner of the Pink Cupcake Tea Rooms in Devon England. But the hideous creatures claiming to be alien bounty hunters, who come for her in the night, say she’s someone else. They call  her by a name she doesn’t know and say she needs to pay for her crimes on Prison Moon One, a dumping ground for the worst scum in the galaxy. Now she’s running for her life with the very man who betrayed her. If you can call the armour plated mountain of muscle with eyes that glow in the dark a man. Blind terror tells her to run from him and not look back. But when she sees what’s out there, she know she won’t survive alone. She needs to trust this man who might be her enemy, but seems so determined to protect her.

He’s big, he’s scary looking and right now he’s her only hope of survival.  



Book 3 in the contemporary with mystical elements, Island of Sorellina romance series.

Release Date Spring 2018

Rating Moderate sex scenes, adult situations.

Working Blurb

Stella Denaro just wants to escape from all the wedding madness. With the Cathedral booked and the caterers and couturiers in full flow, she decamps to Villa Cristina for a well earned break before the big day. And then the villa ghost, jilted at the altar over two hundred years back hears of the wedding and that things might not be going as planned. But the ghost wants a wedding at all costs even if Stella has to marry the wrong man…

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