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Setting Him Free

by Alexandra Marell

Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Length: 31,000/Novella
Released: Dec 2006

As Quality Control Manager for Exotic Resorts Inc., Danielle Radley’s life is one long round of sun, sea and sand. Unfortunately, it also involves airplanes and Danielle hates flying with a passion. Flying home from a tropical resort, she finds herself sitting across the aisle from an enigmatic man handcuffed to the seat. A man who fascinates her more than he should.
Taylor Bradford is a broken man. Tired of running, he’s glad the end is near. That is until he catches Danielle’s eye on the plane. A moment of instant connection awakens feelings he thought long dead. When the plane gets into difficulty and starts going down into the tropical rainforest below, he reaches for her hand…

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The Heart Wants
by Alexandra Marell

Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Length: 11,000/Novella
Released: Dec. 2008

Every Christmas Eve, the ghost of Catarina Bellamonte takes human form and waits for her lover to return.

It’s been sixty-two long years and Catarina’s ghost is still waiting for Philipp, the German soldier she fell in love with during World War Two. The white light calls her with promises of peace, but she refuses to heed the call when there’s a chance that her lover still might come. Didn’t they promise they would take this walk together rather than be parted?

Philipp Munch makes one last nostalgic visit to the old Italian villa and remembers Catarina, the woman he loved and lost so many years ago. As he enters the house his only thought is to say a proper goodbye and lay the ghosts of the past to rest. But it’s Christmas Eve, the one day of the year that Catarina becomes a living, breathing human again. He’s just about to find out that she kept her promise, and waited for him after all.
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  1. Doris Stubbs says:

    Hi Alexandra. Could you please tell me when your next book of “island of sorellina” series will be out and will it be an ebook form.
    I love the first book of the series a lot.
    Thank you so much
    Doris Stubbs

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